All Room's

 Dust sill, ledges & wall hanging
 Dust & Clean Furniture
 Remove Cobwebs
 Clean Light switches
 Clean TV Screens
 Pick up and Straighten Up
 Make beds
 Vacuum Carpet
 Sweep &  Mop Floors
 Empty Waste basket
 Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs and Showers
 Clean Sinks & Counters
 Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome
 Sweep & Mop Floors
 Clean & Sanitize Sinks
 Polish Chrome
 Wipe Down Countertops & Cabinets
 Clean Inside Microwave
 Sweep and Mop Floors
 Deep Cleaning
 Dust ceiling Fans
 Dust Mini- Blinds
 Dust Baseboards
 Clean Glass patio Door
 Sweep Entry to your Home
 Moving In/ Moving- Out
 Clean Oven & Stove (IN/OUT)
 Clean Refrigerator (IN/OUT)
 Clean all Cabinets & pantry (IN/OUT)
 Dust ceiling Fans
 Dust Mini Blinds
 Dust Basebords